God nyhed – SCI lobbyist i Europaparlementet…

Vi har netop modtaget nedenstående gode nyhed fra formanden for SCI Europe 
Dr. Miguel Estade

“Dear Friends !
I am very happy to inform that Mr Juan Magaz has been appointed by SCI between many others very good and qualified candidates as Staff SCI Lobyist at the EU Parliament. He will work from januay 2th 2023 for SCI in close relation with the European Committee.

He is a political scientist and lawyer with 20 years of experience at the EU Institutions and the European People´s Party (EPP) – the largest European political party based in Brussels. 
It is a very good News for SCI EUROPE!
Mery XMas and Happy New Year!
Best regards !
Dr Miguel Estade
SCI Europe Committee Chairman and International Director”