Welcome to the Kingdom of Denmark Chapter of Safari Club International.
Denmark is the biggest trophy hunting nation in the world!

In Denmark we have a long and very proud trophy hunting tradition. For more than 50 years a considerable number of Danes have travelled the world in search of hunting experiences. Denmark has therefore become the biggest trophy hunter nation in the world, measured pr. capita, with an estimated 10.000 active trophy hunters. The total number of hunters is a staggering 170.000 out of a population of only 6 million inhabitants.

Danish hunters are also the second largest nationality of hunter, to hunt in South Africa, only surpassed by US hunters. This is rather impressive as the total Danish population is only 2% of that of the US.

In Denmark both hunting and trophy hunting is well perceived by society at large and we do not encounter many of the perjuries that hunters will meet in other countries. The benefits that hunting brings to wildlife and their habitat are well known and the debate is far more sober and less emotional.


The general assembly was planned to be executed on April 14th 2020 but due to Covid-19 situation the meeting has been postponed to October 27th 2020.
All members with a valid SCI and Chapter membership have been called to the general assembly by e-mail on September 10th 2020.