The reason why so many Danish hunters have decided to support our Danish SCI Chapter is that the Danish trophy hunting community has realized that it can no longer be complacent. Our rights to hunt are being challenged from outside our national borders – not from within. After many years of relative complacency we have now finally “mobilized”. The Kingdom of Denmark Chapter is therefore engaged in hunting advocacy both nationally and internationally.

Our focus is on the European Union and we have several board members working in Brussels. This gives us a unique position in which to speak on the behalf of the trophy hunters within the EU. This advocacy work is essential, as there have been several attempts to impose trophy import restrictions in the EU. Even a limited trophy import ban in the EU would have a devastating effect on the hunting infrastructure worldwide.

The European Union has 27 votes when it comes to CITES and other international conventions and the EU member states vote as a bloc and therefore has an enormous weight internationally. In comparison the US and Canada only has one vote each.

We would be most greatful for any donation that would help us to preserve wildlife and their habitat and not least our right to hunt.
Our next fundraising event will take place at the Hunting & Outdoor Fair (Jagt & Outdoor 2020) to be held on the 13rd – 15th of March 2020 in Odense, Denmark. The fair is visited by at least 14.000 individuals and is by far the largest hunting fair in Denmark. It brings visitors from all of Scandinavia, and exhibitors from the around the world. There will be at around 500 people at the auction and your company will be promoted both throughout the fair and on our website.